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"How AI and ML Will Revolutionize Professional Services" - by top SMB industry analyst Laurie McCabe

Will Revolutionize Professional Services" - by top SMB industry analyst Laurie McCabe

Most of the time, the future arrives gently. Despite the high speed of technology change, we absorb its effects into our daily lives far more slowly — especially at work. Faced with the option of retiring familiar old ways of working in favor of more streamlined, emergent alternatives, the response is usually, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.' Phil Wainewright discusses how with COVID-19, all those fixes that have been waiting on the sidelines are getting fast-tracked. He shares six of the big changes in business as the pandemic sweeps in new ways of digitally connected working that we already knew made sense, but which we now have no choice but to adopt.

How 5 Churches Use Technology to Improve Stewardship of Church Finances With PRH Consulting Inc.

Remember when people came to work, managers wanted to physically see their staff and remote working had to be negotiated? Now, it's a very different story. This change has not only had a massive impact on business performance but it has also put additional pressure on leaders and their staff. In this Forbes article, digital strategist Peter Zink share that while we may not know how long this extreme situation is going to last, we can predict that this experience will cause many to rethink, reorganize, and reinvent their "normal" workplace.

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