Sage X3 ERP Business Software

Move beyond ERP

The right ERP software can transform the way you do business. That’s exactly what Sage X3 can do. X3 helps you manage all the aspects of your business for better efficiency and greater customer satisfaction.  Streamline your operations and optimize your business processes.




Why Choose Sage X3?

X3 is perfect for a variety of industries and a number of different business processes. We serve manufacturing and distribution companies as well as those that work in food and beverage, services and chemicals. When you choose our solution, you’ll enjoy:

Financial management:

Through Sage X3 you can keep track of your expenses, income, and budgets. You’ll also be able to manage your fixed assets and any financial reporting you need.

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Production management:

You can plan for what materials you need and keep track of any orders you send out for those materials. You can also manage quality control and production speed.

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Supply chain management:

For manufacturing and distribution, you have various options for your business. Our software lets you manage your inventory as well as purchasing and sales. This is a great way to organize and fulfill product orders and requests.

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Industry Applications

Through these solutions, you’ll improve your customer relations and keep your business moving forward with fewer mistakes and less effort. Instead of dedicating countless hours to reports and figures, you can keep your focus on the crucial processes of your company.

Process Manufacturing

  • Food and beverage
  • Chemicals
  • Cosmetics
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pharmaceuticals

Discrete Manufacturing

  • High-Tech
  • Industrial equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Metal fabrication


Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

  • Retail Trade
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Trade


Powerful Capabilities for Chemical Business

  • Supply Optimization
  • Product & Process Consistency
  • Complete global compliance
  • Anywhere, Anytime Access
  • Chemicals

    Powerful Capabilities for Chemical Business

    • Supply Optimization
    • Product & Process Consistency
    • Complete global compliance
    • Anywhere, Anytime Access

    Food and Beverage

    • Operations
    • Supply chain
    • Warehouse and inventory
    • Finance and accounting
    • Sales and marketing
    • Planning & Scheduling
    • Customer Service


    Focus on your clients, not admin work.

    • Advertising
    • Consulting services
    • Engineering services
    • Equipment rental
    • IT and software services
    • Maintenance and Repair services

    Why Choose Us?

    Many companies offer software solutions for your business, but not many offer the personalized service that you’ll find with PRH Consulting Inc. We work for you to ensure that your software works for your specific needs.

    Our Mission & Methodology

    Our mission is to take your current state of business and fully optimize it so your enterprise operation is streamlined, automated and running efficiently as possible. Our methodologies have been proven to take your business to the next level.


    • Internal Kick Off & Sales Handoff
    • Planning
    • Customer Kick Off
    • Functional Overview Training
    • Business Process Review
    • Business Requirements
    • Summary Documentation
    • Gap Analysis
    • Approved BPR Document


    • Installation

      • Design Documentation
      • Configuration
      • Customizations
      • Integrations
      • Data Conversions
      • Reports
    • Approved Designs
    • Approved Plan & Budget


    • Configuration
    • Unit Testing
    • Power User Training
    • Forms
    • CRP 1
    • Data Conversion
    • CRP 2
    • Functional Team Training
    • UAT
    • UAT Approval


    • End User Training
    • Production Dry Run
    • Final Data Migration
    • Production Cutover
    • Go Live
    • Post Go Live Support
    • First Month End Close
    • Transition To Support


    • System Improvements
    • Additional Training
    • Additional Functionality